Brent is the literal backbone of the ranch and has been with the Motherwell for going on 30 years.  He's been hands on in making the Motherwell everything that it is today.  He and his wonderful wife Cheryl live here full time.  He knows every inch, nook and kranny of the acreage.  He's a phenomenal guide and will get you into the elk, and keep you laughing and having a great time the whole way along.



Brian has been with the Ranch since 2010 and oversees business, hospitality and hunting operations.  Whether he is your guide or not, it is important to him that your experience at the Motherwell be a great one.  He loves guiding elk and deer hunts and will work tirelessly to help you be successful and to have some fun both in and out of the field.



Jason has guided at the ranch for the past 5 years, and recently joined our full time year-round staff as he and his wonderful family relocated here.  Jason is a retired professional bull rider, and a 6 time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier.  He is an exceptional guide who you will love hunting with.